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Unbelievable, I'm new to Mac and iMovie and immediately discovered the dilemma of importing DVDs. This solution is clear and seems to have worked wonderfully...

- Vincent, NewYork,U.S

I did try the product, ripped many dvds and was quite happy with the result and the easy way it works. I would recommend it to you.

- Jessica, Venice,Italy

This was the clearest and simplest direction and it worked like a charm. I have now successfully imported my sons birth and first year from old tape to DVD to iMovie. Never thought I would find the answer so easy (well to you it was easy).

- Zimmermann, Berlin,Germany

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! I've spent all day trying to get a home made dvd into imovie. Your solution was simple and perfect for moving my dvd content back into my mac without loss of quality.

- Archibald, Paris, France

How to add transition and photo in iMovie

Let's continue with our video tour. In this article, we are going to talk about how to add transition and photo in iMovie. We will discuss in two parts, one is how to add transition, the other is to add photo.

Part I: how to add transition
You've arranged your video clips in the right order. But the jump form one clip to the other comes somewhat in a sudden, and you need to smooth things out. You can do this use transitions, video elements that blend the end of clips together in a variety of ways. You can place a transition between any two clips in your movie, or at the beginning or end of the movie.

To know exactly how to do it, please watch the following video tutorial which will be presented in an intuitive way.

Note: The video source is from
Part II: how to add photo
This part is more informative than the previous part which also has the first part included (including add transition, delete and edit transition). As to how to add photo, we have provided you a detailed tutorial by clicking the follow links Adding Transitions and Photos.


In this part you will learn: add transition, delete and edit transition (can be seen in the first part), add photo, add motion to a photo, zoom a photo, pan a photo, crop a photo by using pan and zoom together, apply motion to multiple photos etc.


Enjoy yourself with this tutorial: Adding Transitions and Photos


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