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Unbelievable, I'm new to Mac and iMovie and immediately discovered the dilemma of importing DVDs. This solution is clear and seems to have worked wonderfully...

- Vincent, NewYork,U.S

I did try the product, ripped many dvds and was quite happy with the result and the easy way it works. I would recommend it to you.

- Jessica, Venice,Italy

This was the clearest and simplest direction and it worked like a charm. I have now successfully imported my sons birth and first year from old tape to DVD to iMovie. Never thought I would find the answer so easy (well to you it was easy).

- Zimmermann, Berlin,Germany

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! I've spent all day trying to get a home made dvd into imovie. Your solution was simple and perfect for moving my dvd content back into my mac without loss of quality.

- Archibald, Paris, France

How to import/convert/transfer HTC EVO video into iMovie

HTC EVO 4G became instant hot ever since its appearance, and recently a sign indicated that people who previous use iPhone switched to HTC EVO 4G, those who in favor of HTC EVO 4G than iPhone were obessed by the size of beauty of the EVO's screen (it certainly can keep up with anything the iPhone does), its operating system , Android (mostly open, developer don't have to pay for the privilege of coding for the same way iPhone and iPad developers do, it is such as win-win for users and developers), proper battery usage, fast network speed (4G network, blows iPhone out or water), competitive low price (for only $199 per phone, more affordable than the ridiculous iPhone price), last but not least, video shooting.

There are actually two cameras on EVO. The one in the back is 8 megapixels, itself an impressive bullet point, for photos and "HD capable" video (720p 1280×720 in resolution) capture. There is also a 1.3 megapixels front-facing camera, which is convenient for vanity pictures and video chatting if that's your thing. It is just wonderful to record your everyday life and enjoy on the go or later, however, sometimes, you need to remove some badly shot videos or remove unnecessary parts of video clips, then you will turn to iMovie, a free video editing application came with every Mac.


When you connect your phone to your Mac, export to the place specified, launch iMovie, and drag the video clips to iMovie, you will probably found that nothing happens, what's wrong? Your HTC EVO video may not in the proper file format that iMovie support (usually accept a few file formats like MOV, DV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 etc). Therefore, you need a program to change the format of your HTC EVO video to the right format that iMovie understand. But don't worry, as to my knowledge, there is one application named HTC EVO to iMovie converter can just do it. Just feel free to have a try.

What's on HTC EVO to iMovie Converter
HTC EVO to iMovie Converter is specially built for HTC smart phone (including HTC EVO 4G. HTC Incredible, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, HTC Touch Pro and more HTC smart phones) users that help them convert HTC EVO videos to iMovie compatible files formats for better video quality rendering. Besides, it can also convert HTC EVO videos to other file formats like AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, RM and extract audio tracks form video clips as well so that you can make full use of your HTC EVO video.

HTC EVO to iMovie Converter can also assist you edit your videos before importing to iMovie. With the built-in video editing functions, you can cut your video to a certain length as you want, crop off unwanted parts from the video clips, add special effect to make your video more artistic or tweak the aspect ratio for perfect fit for other portable devices as well. Besides, if you like some segments of your video, just capture them with the snapshot function. More interesting functions can be expected, if you afford one or two minutes to explore.

How to use HTC EVO to iMovie Converter
Below is the simple and clear way showing how to use HTC EVO iMovie Converter to import your HTC EVO video to iMovie for editing.

After converting, you can import your video to iMovie for further editing.

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